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Radiation Therapy

According to the World Health Organization, in 2005 there were approximately 24.6 million people worldwide living with cancer and an estimated 7.6 million cancer deaths, accounting for 13% of all deaths worldwide. The World Health Organization estimates that approximately 10.9 million new cases of cancer are diagnosed globally each year.

The three "conventional" methods of treating cancer are radiation therapy, chemotherapy and surgery, each of which can be used alone or in combination, depending on the type of cancer being treated. Radiation therapy is a proven, effective and widely accepted form of treatment for many types of cancer. The National Cancer Institute estimates that nearly 50% of cancer patients in the United States are treated using radiation therapy. Approximately 90% of patients treated with radiation therapy in the United States receive external beam radiation generated by a device called a linear accelerator.
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Natural Healing and Energetic Medicine — the Future

Links to information on Natural Healing and Energetic Medicine research: spacer
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Cancer Prevention

Links to information on cancer prevention including every-day advice and established organizations that lead anti-cancer programs: spacer
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Support the NEWS Lab with a Donation

Donations are used to support early phases of new projects through equipment purchase or research assistant support. Impact of the research includes emerging non invasive medical diagnostic and visualization tools such as for early detection of cancer, improvements to radiation therapy systems for patient safety (see 3DRTT project) as well as technology improvements of our K-12 & K-16 educational systems (see HaptEK16 project). Donors may target their donation to equipment or researcher support or both as they desire and may contribute any amount. Donors get acknowledged in the published research if they desire to. They also get early access to research results. Donations are tax deductible.

Dr. Felix Hamza-Lup will be happy to discuss with you the NEWS Lab research and any specific requests you may have. Do not hesitate to call him at (912) 344-2680.
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Funding 2006– 2016

Funding Agency Amount Info Project
Fulbright Scholar $40,000 Fulbright Core Fellow - Thailand/China 2015-2016 HCI
Fulbright Specialist $10,000 Fulbright Specialist Program - South-East Asia 2013-2014 Web3D
EU Research Grant (POS CCE) $350,000 Haptic Med - Haptic Interfaces in Medical Applications HapticMed
SRS & NSF STEP Grant—ASU $26,000 Visuo-Haptic Simulator for Angular Motion (Precession)
STEP Student Mentoring—Summer 2009
Physics Simulators
STEM Grant—ASU $5,000 Haptic Interfaces for Attention Stimulation—with Dr. Baird BACH
STEM Grant—AASU $5,000 3D Mechanical Dissection—with Dr. Goeser and Dr. Johnson VIEW
M.D. Anderson Foundation $100,000 Seed research grant 3DRTT
Radiological Society of North America $30,000 Research grant 3DRTT
Konica-Minolta Inc. $15,000 3D Hi-Res LASER scanning 3DRTT
Faro Technologies Inc. $6,000 3D LASER scanning 3DRTT
Armstrong State University $2,000 Research & Scholarship Grant 3DRTT
Mercer Medical School $20,000 Development of 3D Interactive Neural Network. Neuro Pathways
Armstrong State University $2,400 Research & Scholarship Grant, interdisciplinary. BACH
Armstrong State University $2,500 Teaching & Learning Grant, interdisciplinary. VIEW