The interactive system we present next illustrates the electrolysis process, specifically the electrolysis of water. Web-based lessons can be designed as simple HTML pages that include images and text. We augmented the pages with a 3D interactive simulation of the electrolysis process. more


The HaptEK16 system enables students to experiment using the haptic feedback a number of arrangements and sizing of physical components. The simulator contains a set of activities. The figure below illustrates the Hydraulic Machines activity; a student can apply pressure on the left cylinder and fell the force generated by that pressure. The purpose of the activity is to help students gain a deeper understanding of the laws of hydraulics. more

Haptic Interfaces for Student Attention Stimulation

This project aims to explore and develop interfaces that will pull students into the learning process to engage their emotions and focus their minds. We hope to improve student attention on difficult conceptual issues that are hard to learn in a lecture and augment the existing teaching materials in a novel and revolutionary way. Specifically we will identify one concept from physics that can be modeled using haptic interfaces and we will implement a simulation for that concept. The final objective is to determine the effect on attention and engagement for the students using this interface. more