Real-time Sensor Data Mapping into 3D Colorimetric Space

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With the widespread of IoT, a myriad of sensors are producing a large quantity of numeric data. This presents a significant challenge to users who want to analyse and make decisions based on the data in a meaningful and timely fashion. Recent research and 3D visualization applications have proven the benefits of 3D data visualization techniques. Through the use of X3D, an open ISO standard for Web3D, our application allows web-enabled visualization and facilitates remote collaboration through 3D content exchange. Therefore, sensor data may be encoded in 3D and accessed from anywhere through a web page.

We designed a software architecture that utilizes the X3D technology to present sensor data to the users in an intuitive 3D format. The web-enabled visualization will assist in data processing and provide an interactive 3D visualization using the X3D standard for soft real-time systems.

@2019 Felix G. Hamza-Lup