Real-time Sensor Data Mapping into 3D Colorimetric Space

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Prototype Deployment

The software components allow the user to have various inputs of sensor data. For the initial prototype, we employed an Arduino system equipped with temperature and humidity sensors to generate sensor data. In the prototype shown, the sensor node samples temperature and humidity data at a rate of ½Hz. The data is the sent directly to the serial port of the server through a wired connection. After the server completes data processing, the encapsulated data is routed to an html page which generates the associated3 D content at interactive speeds (soft Real-Time behaviour).

Diversity of Sensors

By processing data on the server, a user can place sensors for data collection (for long periods of time i.e., up to 1 year) at any location accessible through Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) protocol. The server software will collect and map that incoming data onto an X3D object customized to the environment in which the sensors reside. Many data collection applications may benefit from this data collection and 3D visualization approach.

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