Mechanical Dissection
Mechanical dissection, or the process of disassembling and reassembling of devices and mechanisms, is an engineering tool that can satisfy a student's curiosity of how and why these devices convey motion to achieve a desired result. As a result, several university engineering programs have developed mechanical dissection courses/labs. However, such laboratories are not always available due to the lack of space, high costs, and time constraints. An emerging trend to address this issue is to use multi-media technology to replace and/or supplement physical laboratories. Virtual take-apart or dissection and/or assembly activities implemented here will benefit courses such as Introduction to Engineering (ENGR 1100) and Creative Decisions and Design (ENGR 2110).

Module #1: Mechanical Dissection of a Cube
Cube Demo In this first example, the user is able to take apart or dissect a big cube into eight smaller colored cubes by dragging each one along predefined directions.

Module #2: Mechanical Assembly of a Power Toothbrush
Cube Demo The main objective of this module is to examine the various components of a mechanical power toothbrush and to determine the appropriate steps required to reassemble this device. The user will be required to provide his or her first and last names, course number, and a keyword (provided by Dr. Priya Goeser ( )) in order to access this module. Further details are available in the module's help section.
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